Layla, Great Pyrenees

Layla was taken in by this loving single mom to please her four small children that wanted a puppy!  But as we see too often, that little puppy became a big dog.  The mother had no idea the size a Great Pyrenees would become and was overwhelmed.  Layla was put outside on a chain and was basically forgotten about. layla

When a lady in the neighborhood spotted Layla, she contacted KEG Animal Rescue, and the mother surrendered her to our care.  Layla was very underweight, had a severe skin infection due to infestation with fleas and ticks, and was loaded with hookworms.  She was fortunate KEG had just talked to a lady who was interested in fostering a large dog, so Layla was on her way to recovery. layla

She was fed, vetted, loved, and was able to socialize with other dogs.  She had the run on a big farm.  With several months of proper care and nutrition her coat was full, shiny and beautiful.  Layla is now living with her new family in New England.  She spent her first winter there this past year, and her new parents says she loves playing and tunneling through the snow.layla

Email from Layla’s New Parents:

Layla is doing really great! We didn’t change her name, she is still Layla. She gets along great with the rest of the family. She and our other dog, Toby are inseparable! They pretty much only come inside to eat and sleep. The rest of the time they’re chasing each other around our two acres, or napping together in the yard.  She readily trained to the electric fence and we’ve had no problems with that whatsoever. She was a riot to watch in the snow! We got a lot of snow, almost 6 feet in January! She rolled in it, ate it, dug in it, and her fur got totally covered in snowballs that I had to pick out.  She gets along great with the kids, and they love her. Especially my 3 year old daughter. They have developed an adorable friendship.layla