Luna is our new Spotlight Pet!  And what a bright little puppy she is.  Luna is a little white boxer mix bundle of love.  Late November 2011 a friend of KEG Animal Rescue received a call from a lady stating she had a boxer mix dog that she had to ‘get rid of’ quickly.  Regina, assistant manager at Tractor Supply Company, Lexington TN,  told the lady she would foster the dog and she would ask KEG to help find a permanent home for the animal.  Next day the lady brings an adult dog and a bonus to Regina!   Three puppies that were about 4 days old!  Regina called Susanne, one of us KEG gals, and told her about the puppies, but said she would keep them until we had an opening in another foster home.Luna Learns Sign Language Luna Learns Sign Language Luna Learns Sign Language

Well, on 12-11-11 unfortunately a larger dog accidently stepped on Luna’s head causing multiple puncture wounds to her right eye.  Regina called Susanne and she goes to check on Luna.  Susanne decides to take Luna (at that time was just ‘the white puppy’) back home with her that night to take Luna to the vet the next morning.  As she was driving home holding this little baby she was thinking, “She needs a name for the vet records.”  Susanne looked straight ahead at the beautiful full moon before her and said, “Luna!”

Luna was taken to the vet the following day, eye was swollen so vet could not tell if it could be saved or not.  With antibiotics, ointment and a lot of love, Susanne took Luna back to her house for recovery.  A week later she took Luna back to the vet, and was told they thought she would fully recover from the eye injury, but then got another piece of information.  Luna was deaf!

Of course we were all heartbroken and upset, but we also knew in our hearts this was a special little girl, and she would be okay.  We posted her on as a special needs puppy, and her guardian angel appeared.  Within a couple days we received an application from a family in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  Susanne not only fostered Luna in Tennessee, but she was her adoption co-coordinator.  After reviewing the application, checking vet references, personal references and talking with the adopter, she knew she had found the perfect match.

Luna was adopted by a family where the father was also hearing impaired.  His partner is deaf, and he has a son who is deaf!  They have three adopted dogs, all which from rescue; Autumn, a 14 year old Dalmatian, who is also deaf; Hope, 3 year old Rat Terrier; and Amber, a 2 year old Chihuahua/Papillion mix!  What a family.

Dan, or Dr. Dan as he is known by his employees, is CEO of 360 Translation, a sign language interpreting agency.  I asked him last week if he was teaching her sign language, and he stated since only sign language was used in his home, all his dogs knew a certain amount of sign language.  Luna is one happy girl and so loved.

I asked Dr Dan if he would give us a couple comments about Luna and her coming into their home:

Luna is doing great. She loves to play, and doubt if she will ever realize how small she is; she has the attitude of a big dog. I say that because she goes up to Autumn, our Dalmatian, and barks up a storm, daring her to take her on. Autumn looks at her like she’s nuts. Luna is picking up on housetraining well. She does understand the doggie door, and it seems to click that she needs to go through that and out into the fenced yard to do her business. Mistakes still happen, because when she has the urge, sometimes she just lets loose. Luna loves snuggling, and loves playing with all of her toys. And, as I mentioned before, she loves biting. This is a hard habit to break, but we are working on it. She favors buttons and MY (Dan’s) hands for biting, not knowing the limit before she pierces the skin. I have a number of cuts – Luna battle scars. And like any good puppy, she LOVES to eat. She seems to be growing a bit lengthwise, but we haven’t noticed any increase in height. She goes for a number of walks each day, and truly loves that. She has the ability to stop on a dime, so it makes for some interesting moments as we nearly trip over her.

Daniel B. Swartz, Ph.D., SC:L, CI, CT