I rescued Stewart off of Natchez Trace State Park on Nov. 20, 2010. When I first saw him I thought he had been set on fire. I stopped and called to him; he turned & walked straight to me. He smelled of rotting flesh, he had open oozing and bleeding sores, but… his tail never stopped wagging! Elizabeth met me at the veterinary clinic and Dr. Deming diagnosed him with severe scabies and secondary skin infection. I brought him home with me and tucked him into a warm bed. After a week of nutritional food, antibiotics, pain med and vitamins his appearance had greatly improved! It has been eight months since I rescued Stewart and I am still working on his skin.Stewart Stewart Stewart Stewart

I thought he was on his way to recovery then about a month ago, he had another flair up.  I am giving him daily treatment and the veterinarian says this may be something he will have to deal with for the rest of his life. His personality it really makes it hard for me to understand how anyone allowed this to happen to him and be ignored for so long! He has a labish attitude- he just wants to play and be loved! Stewart will be with me for a while and under the supervision of Dr Deming.  If you would like to help with medical bills for Stewart, it would be very much appreciated.